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This 45 Is Not in Stock

#929 (Marsh 1001)  
Don't Make Me Over/ I Smiled Yesterday by Dionne Warwick

Label: Scepter 1239 Year: 1963
Condition: EX $14.00
Besides the classic A side, one of Warwick's very best recordings, this single has a terrific uptempo dancer on the flip. Note: The A side label has a small date penned on it (see scan).
Condition Detail:Label: EX (dh,sw)   |   Vinyl: M-   |   Audio: EXWritten by: B. Bacharach-H. David (A&B)Produced by: Burt Bacharach-Hal DavidChart info: #5r, #21p in January 1963


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mp3 available   Missing You/ Since You Don't Want Me by Luther Ingram (M), Ko Ko 103, 1968: $40.00
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mp3 available    One Girl Too Late by Brenda & the Tabulations (M-), Epic 10954, 1973: $30.00
mp3 available   Send My Baby Back To Me/ How Long Will I Love You by Majestic (M-), Equator 1401, 1964: $70.00
mp3 available    She's All I Got/ Ain't Nothing In The News (But The Blues) by Freddie North (M), Mankind 12004, 1971: $12.00
mp3 available   Sho Nuff (Got A Good Thing Going)/ Try Me by J.J. Jackson (M), Loma 2082, 1967: $25.00
mp3 available    Slow Motion (Part 1)/ Shall We Gather By The Water by Johnny Williams (M-), Phil. Int'l 3518, 1972: $14.00
mp3 available   So Much Love/ Let's Try It Over by Faith Hope & Charity (M), Maxwell 805, 1970: $12.00
mp3 available   Spanish Harlem/ First Taste of Love by Ben E. King (M-), Atco 6185, 1961: $25.00
mp3 available    Sugar Lump/ That Sweet Woman Of Mine by Leon Haywood (M), 20th Century 2103, 1974: $8.00
mp3 available   Sugar Mama (You Know You're My Baby) Part 1/ Part 2 by Benny Gordon (M), Estill 1000, 1968: $30.00
mp3 available    Sunny/ Bread by Bobby Hebb (M-), Philips 40365, 1966: $25.00
mp3 available    Sweet Charlie Babe/ If by Jackie Moore (M), Atlantic 2956, 1973: $10.00
mp3 available   Take A Step In My Direction/ Everything Is Beautiful About You, Boy by Little Eva (M), Verve 10529, 1967: $40.00
mp3 available   Talking About Loving You/ This Has Happened Before by Brenda & Albert (M), Clarama 1200, 1974: $25.00
mp3 available   Tear Stained Face/ Mojo Mama by Don Varner (M), Soul City 151, 1969: $16.00
mp3 available   Thank You Baby (For A Love Beyond Compare)/ We're Gonna Party by Ernie Hines (M), U.S.A. 888, 1967: $40.00
mp3 available   That's The Tune/ Midnight Dreams by The Vogues (M-), Co & Ce 242, 1966: $20.00
mp3 available    The Lovelight by Teddy and the Pandas (M), Rock'n Mania 2424, 1967: $12.00
mp3 available   The Masquerade Is Over/ Raining In My Heart by The Five Satins (M-), Chancellor 1110, 1962: $30.00
mp3 available    This Is The Thanks I Get/ Ring Telephone Ring by Barbara Lynn (M), Atlantic 2450, 1968: $50.00
mp3 available    Trouble Down Here Below/ The Life That I Lead by Lou Rawls (M), Capitol 5824, 1967: $16.00
mp3 available    Trouble Maker/ Laugh At The World by The Tams (M), ABC 11128, 1968: $20.00
mp3 available   Trying To Live My Life Without You/ Tell Her by Freddy Henry (M), TK 1045, 1981: $12.00
mp3 available    Wan-Tu-Wah-Zuree/ Pity The Poor Man by George Tindley (M-), Wand 11215, 1970: $30.00
mp3 available    Was It Something I Said/ Love Trap by Bobby McClure (M), Hi 2307, 1976: $16.00 $14.00 
mp3 available    Washed Ashore (On A Lonely Island In The Sea)/ What Name Shall I Give You My Love by The Platters (M), Musicor 1251, 1967: $35.00
mp3 available    Wear It On Our Face/ Please Don't Change Me Now by The Dells (M-), Cadet 5599, 1968: $20.00
mp3 available   Won't You Be My Friend/ Run While It's Dark by The Platters (M-), Entree 107, 1965: $22.00
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 No In Between/ Don't Wait Too Long No In Between/ Don't Wait Too Long by Johnny Adams
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