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It's Gonna Rain/ Thank You by Bobby Womack
Label: Minit 32071 Year: 1969
Factory sleeve included
Condition: M- $12.00
No images available.
Condition Detail:Label: M-   |   Vinyl: M-   |   Audio: M-Written by: B. Womack-D. Carter (A&B)Produced by: Chips MomanChart info: #43r in August 1969


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 Check It Out (M), U.A. 621, 1975: $6.50 
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  It's All Over Now/ Git It (M), U.A. 674, 1975: $7.00 
 Image available for this 45 recordMore Than I Can Stand/ Arkansas Prison (M), Minit 32093, 1970: $12.00 
 Sweet Caroline (M), Collectables 6233, 1972: $5.25 
 Image available for this 45 record That's the Way I Feel About Cha/ Come L'Amore (M-), U.A. 50847, 1971: $8.00 
 Where There's A Will, There's Way/ Everything's Gonna Be Alright (M-), U.A. 735, 1975: $6.00 
 Woman's Gotta Have It (M), Collectables 6233, 1972: $5.25 

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mp3 available    Somebody's On Your Case/ I've Been There Before by Ann Peebles (M-), Hi 2219, 1972: $18.00
mp3 available   Somebody's Watching You/ Stanga by Little Sister (M), Stone Flower 9001, 1970: $8.00
mp3 available   The Pig And The Pussycat/ How Do You Think I Can Live With Somebody (After What I Been Used To) by Mickey Murray and Clarence Murray (M), SSS Int'l 743, 1968: $20.00
mp3 available   Who's Supposed To Be Raising Who/ If The Shoe Fits, Wear It by The Twenty(21st) Century (M-), Gospel Truth 1209, 1973: $15.00
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 Livin' For The Weekend Livin' For The Weekend by O'Jays
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