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I Want A Guy/ Never Again by The Supremes
Label: Tamla 54038 Year: 1962
Condition: M- $170.00
I Want A Guy/ Never AgainHere's a rare copy of the Supremes' very first single, one of only two that were released on Berry Gordy's Tamla label. After their second single ("Buttered Popcorn"), which, like this one, failed to make a dent in the pop charts, all of the Supremes singles appeared only on Gordy's newer Motown label. This copy is from the rarer first pressing, which has the horizontal lines at the top, and an earlier design for the Tamla logo. (Apparently, "I Want A Guy" was inadvertently released on the Motown label at some point, but was quickly withdrawn. That single fetches well over $1,000 because of its rarity.) Their first single finds The Supremes firmly in the musical territory established by girl groups like the Shirelles and the Chantels.

Note: This single is from a large collection we've purchased whose records typically have mint or near-mint audio and near-mint vinyl. The labels are near mint as well, but the owner had a habit of writing a date in small print on the B side label. In this case, the small date is on the A side label (see scan), which also has a drill-hole. The audio is near mint overall, but you will hear a bit of surface noise in the lead-in and trail-off grooves.

Condition Detail:Label: EX (sw,dh)   |   Vinyl: M-   |   Audio: M-Written by: B. Gordy-B. Holland (A), B. Gordy (B)Produced by: Berry Gordy, Jr.Chart info: #95p in August 1962Mix: Mono (Default for U.S. 45s before 1973)


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 In And Out Of Love (M), American Pie 9082, 1967: $5.00 
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  Let Me Go The Right Way (M), Collectables 486, 1962: $4.00 
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  Run, Run, Run (M), Collectables 752, 1964: $5.00 
  Some Things You Never Get Used To (M), Collectables 752, 1968: $5.00 
  Someday We'll Be Together (M), Motown Yesteryear 442, 1969: $8.00 
  Someday We'll Be Together (M), Collectables 442, 1969: $7.00 
  Stoned Love (M), Collectables 447, 1970: $6.00 
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  The Composer (M), Collectables 497, 1969: $4.50 
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  Up The Ladder To The Roof (M), Collectables 498, 1970: $4.25 
 Up The Ladder To The Roof/ Bill When Are You Coming Back (EX+), Motown 1162, 1970: $6.50 
 When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes (M), Collectables 488, 1963: $4.50 $4.00  
 When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes/ Standing at the Crossroads of Love (EX+), Motown 1051, 1963: $15.00 
 Where Did Our Love Go (M), Motown Yesteryear 427, 1964: $10.00 
 Image available for this 45 record Where Did Our Love Go/ He Means The World To Me (M-), Motown 1060, 1964: $120.00 
  Where Do I Go From Here (M), Collectables 598, 1975: $4.00 $3.00  
  You Bring Back Memories (M), Collectables 751, 1963: $4.50 $3.50  
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  Do I Love You?/ Bebe and Susu by The Ronettes (M-), Philles 121, 1964: $32.00
  colored vinyl He Could Be The One/ Systematic Way by Josie Cotton (M), Elektra 47481, 1982: $12.00
   He's Awful Nice To Me/ My Girlfriend Asked Me by Carole Forrest (M), Atco 6295, 1964: $50.00
   I Hear Those Church Bells Ringing/ I Cannot See To See You by Dusk (M-), Bell 990, 1971: $10.00
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