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(C45s)Time Peace - The Rascals' Greatest Hits by The Rascals

Label: Atlantic SD 8190 (EP) Year: 1968
Picture sleeve included: M-
Condition: M $25.00
Time Peace - The Rascals' Greatest HitsThis is a great item for Rascals fans... It's a 7-inch EP (note: plays at 33rpm and has a small spindle hole!) distributed to jukebox operators promoting the band's LP Greatest Hits. This copy looks and sounds unplayed and has a Near Mint picture sleeve. Here are the EP details:
  1. Good Lovin' (2:28)
  2. Come On Up (2:41)
  3. Love Is A Beautiful Thing (2:30)
  4. Lonely Too Long (2:57)
  5. Groovin' (2:25)
  6. A Beautiful Morning (2:32)

Condition Detail:Label: M   |   Vinyl: M   |   Audio: MWritten by: VariousProduced by: Ted TemplemanMix: Stereo


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