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(C45s)Music In My Bones/ Fire Burning by Joe Simon

Label: Spring 159 Year: 1975
Factory sleeve included
Condition: M $10.00
Music In My Bones/ Fire BurningFrom a warehouse find, this is a new, unplayed stock copy, in its original Spring Records factory sleeve. Don't neglect to flip this one over and check out the even better Philly Style dancer hiding there. By the way, the A side is specially edited from a 5:10 album track. Note: This copy has light storage wear that lowers the Label and Vinyl grades to Near Mint. Thankfully, the grooves preserve pristine Mint sound.
Condition Detail:Label: M-   |   Vinyl: M-   |   Audio: MWritten by: R. Gerald-J. Simon (A&B)Produced by: R. Gerald-J. Simon, Arranged by Andrew SmithChart info: #7r, #92p in August 1975Track time(s): A: 4:03 | B: 3:25Mix: StereoOther info: Contains an edited version of the LP track.


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 Image available for this 45 recordThe Chokin' Kind/ Come On And Get It (M-), Sound Stage 7 2628, 1969: $12.00 
 Theme From Cleopatra Jones (M), Collectables 3309, 1973: $4.00 $3.50  
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   Does Your Mama Know About Me/ Fading Away by Bobby Taylor & The Vancouvers (M), Gordy 7069, 1968: $60.00
   Flashback/ Diggin' For A Livin' by The Fifth Dimension (M-), Bell 45,425, 1973: $18.00
  Follow Your Heart/ The Boston Monkey by The Manhattans (M), Carnival 512, 1965: $25.00
   Free Love/ Where Did You Ever Go by Jean Carn (M-), Phil. Int'l. 3614, 1977: $14.00
   Give A Broken Heart A Break/ Love Attack by Impact (M), Atco/WMOT 7056, 1976: $12.00
   Hats Off To Mama/ Like A Loser Needs A Winner (You're All I Need) by Philippe Wynne (M), Cotillion 44217, 1977: $10.00
   Heart To Heart/ Bring It On Home by Ronnie Dyson (M), Cotillion 47005, 1982: $7.00
  Hey Pearl by The Prime Cut (M-), Shady Brook 003, 1974: $20.00
   I Ain't Got To Love Nobody Else/ I Got It by The Masqueraders (M), Bell 733, 1968: $20.00
  I'll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile/ Time Is A Thief by Gene Chandler (M), Chi-Sound 1001, 1982: $6.50 $6.00 
  I'm Gonna Get You/ I'm Only A Man by The Gaslight (M), Grand Junction 1100, 1971: $40.00
  In the Bottle/ The Affair by Brother To Brother (M), Turbo 039, 1974: $15.00
   It's Better Than Walkin' Out/ Be For Real by Marlena Shaw (M), Blue Note 790, 1976: $11.00
   It's Over/ Harbor Lights by Boz Scaggs (M), Columbia 10319, 1976: $9.00
  Lonely Days, Lonely Nights/ I'm So Proud Of You by Don Downing (M-), Roadshow 7004, 1973: $6.00
  Love Is Here/ Stay With Me by Futures (M-), Gamble 2502, 1973: $20.00
   Love Shortage by T.U.M.E. (M), MGM 14799, 1975: $15.00
   Love's Come At Last by Hosea (M-), A&M 1846, 1976: $40.00
  My Ship by Willie Harry Wilson (M-), Haven 801, 1976: $15.00
   Once I've Been There/ Romantic Journey by Norman Connors (M-), Buddah 570, 1977: $12.00
  One Night Affair/ There's Someone (Waiting Back Home) by O'Jays (M-), Neptune 12, 1969: $18.00
   One of a Kind (Love Affair) (Long Version)/ Don't Let The Green Grass Fool You by The Spinners (M), Atlantic 2962, 1973: $10.00
   Quick, Fast, In A Hurry/ Set The Record Straight by New York City (M-), Chelsea 0150, 1973: $8.00
   Sugar Pie Guy, Pt. 1/ Pt. 2 by The Joneses (M), Mercury 73614, 1974: $6.00 $5.00 
  Swing Your Daddy/ Swing Your Daddy Part II by Jim Gilstrap (M-), Roxbury 2006, 1975: $11.00
  Take A Chance/ I Need You So by The Cruisers (M-), Gamble 207, 1967: $20.00
  Take It All Off/ Please Help Me Find My Baby by George McCrae (M-), Soul City 456, 1974: $30.00
  Tell It Like It Is/ Why Worry by Aaron Neville (M-), Par-Lo 101, 1966: $25.00
   Tempted/ Trust by Squeeze (M), A&M 2345, 1981: $14.00
  Ten Percent/ Pick Me by Double Exposure (M), Salsoul 2008, 1976: $15.00
  This Will Be A Night To Remember/ Time Will Tell by Eddie Holman (M), Salsoul 2026, 1977: $18.00
   We Got To Hit It Off/ What Went Wrong Last Night (Part II) by Millie Jackson (M-), Spring 3002, 1979: $20.00
  Wonderful/ Someone Made You For Me by Isaac Hayes (M-), Enterprise 9095, 1974: $12.00
   You Got To Know Better by Touch Of Class (M-), Midland Int'l 10754, 1977: $25.00
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 Get Down, Get Down (On On The Floor) Get Down, Get Down (On On The Floor) by Joe Simon
$4.00 $3.50

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