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Isaac Hayes
 Classic 45s Artist 

Isaac Hayes
Isaac Hayes is a multi-faceted talent: songwriter, producer, sideman, solo artist, film scorer, actor, rapper and deejay. He has been hugely influential on the rap movement as both a spoken-word pioneer and larger-than-life persona who's influenced everyone from Barry White to Puff Daddy. Hayes is best known for his soundtrack to Shaft, one of the first and best "blaxploitation" films, and for the song "Theme from 'Shaft,'" a Top Ten hit. But his varied resume boasts everything from backing up Otis Redding and writing for Sam ...
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  Isaac Hayes  
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  Wonderful/ Someone Made You For Me 45 Record   Wonderful/ Someone Made You For Me
mp3 availablePlay mp3: Side A | Side B
Enterprise 9095, 1974
Condition: M-
Category: Philly Style
  Don't Let Go/ You Can't Hold Your Woman 45 Record   Don't Let Go/ You Can't Hold Your Woman
Polydor 2011, 1979
Condition: M | Sleeve:
Category: Disco
  Sweet Temptation/ Laura, We're On Our Last Go-Round 45 Record   Sweet Temptation/ Laura, We're On Our Last Go-Round
San American 501, 1970
Condition: M- | Sleeve:
Category: Other Northern Soul
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 Little Bit O'Soul Little Bit O'Soul by The Music Explosion
$7.50 $6.50

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