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(C45s)Crimson and Clover/ Some Kind of Love by Tommy James and the Shondells

Label: Roulette 7028 Year: 1968
Factory sleeve included
Condition: M- $24.00
Crimson and Clover/ Some Kind of LoveCall me weak, call me childish... whatever. I simply can't resist the simple charms of this classic Bubblegum track. I want to listen to it Over and Over, Over and Over.... By the way, don't miss the B side, another catchy number so typical of Tommy James. Also, though the labels don't say so, this is a major edit of the 5:25 album cut. Note: This beautiful copy comes in a vintage Roulette Records factory sleeve. It has Mint labels and very nearly Mint vinyl and audio.
Condition Detail:Label: M   |   Vinyl: M-   |   Audio: M-Written by: T. James-P. Lucia (A&B)Produced by: Tommy JamesChart info: #1p in December 1968Track time(s): A: 3:23 | B: 2:02Mix: MonoOther info: Contains an edited version of the LP track.


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